The world of smartphones is largely divided into two camps – those who use Apple’s iPhone, while the other group relies on the Android operating system from Google. Microsoft’s Windows Phone, however, is gaining traction, although you can roughly say that it is not exactly as popular as the executives over at would like it to be. For the Android camp, here is the $24.99 Andru the Android Robot USB Device Charger which will definitely rock your boat, not to mention making a statement of intent to all and sundry who drop by your place, letting everyone know just which side you are on.

Andru will prefer to play only with Android smartphones, but he is also open to the idea of having other USB devices plugged into his noggin’, where his feet will then be connected to the nearest power strip or outlet. Andru’s eyes will also indicate whether the connected device is fully juiced up or not – his eyes will light up in blue if said device is still charging, or end up as white when it is in standby.

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