As I mentioned before when I was at CES, I have just got myself a new Droid X Android phone and I am addicted to Angry Birds.

Of course, I am not alone. Millions of Angry Birds fans have enjoyed the thrill of shooting birds at flimsily built structures with big green pig heads inside.

Now there is a way to play it for real. This is a carnival game in Guangzhou, China, which probably did not get an approval from Rovio, creators of the very popular game.

I believe that the point is to put the stuffed bird into a slingshot and aim it at the stuffed pig. I’m not certain if the point is to knock off the green stuffed pigs and when the stuffed pigs, or some other prize.

You might notice that the pigs here are directly in front of the bird slingshot, and not the two-dimensional side view that they are in the actual mobile game. You may also notice the lack of structures to smash. Yes, I am also disappointed by that.

Even though I don’t play those money-eating carnival games, I might be highly tempted to try this out. I wouldn’t mind if all I got for a prize is a stuffed bird or pig head.


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