Just when you think that the Angry Birds franchise from Rovio could not expand its market any more into other areas, think again. Summer looks set to be upon us for those of us living in the northern hemisphere, so how about making sure you have the right kind of tools or toys to greet this particular season? This is where the $29.99 Angry Birds Lawn Game comes in handy, where you and your kids will be able to enjoy a little bit of sunshine instead of being cooped up all day long at home, not to mention to pop some green pigs in the process.

Basically, the Angry Birds Lawn Game will let you launch the birds in order to knock down the green pig, as a choice to gain stars in the process. Each purchase comes with a red bird, a yellow bird, a scoring mat that measures 1 meter across, a trio of wooden blocks, a quartet of plastic tees, a star score pad, and a rule card. Something that does not have a touchscreen display, and yet it will help bring together a bond among the family members unlike ever before.

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