Anonymous Invades the Spanish Academy Awards Ceremony For RealRather than just crashing web pages, Spanish anonymous members had the balls to crash the equivalent of the Oscars ceremony in Madrid today. Three members of Anonymous sneaked past extreme police and private security controls to jump onto the stage as the event was at one of its highest points, as this image shows.

Pedro Almodovar, Antonio Banderas and Salma Hayek were among those who assisted the awards ceremony, called the Goyas in honor of famous Spanish painter Francisco de Goya. While the award for best director was being presented, three Anonymous members wearing Guy Fawkes’ masks tried to jump onto the stage from the orchestra seats. Private security caught them before they could actually made it.

Meanwhile, the Spanish film academy web page was under attack. Anonymous also published contact information of actors, actresses and directors who supported the so-called Ley Sinde, a SOPA-like law designed to kill any kind of web pages without a court order.

I wonder if some Guy Fawkes would have the courage to slip through security the same at Hollywood’s Academy Awards. [El Mundo]

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