Gamers are known for their meticulous attention to detail when it comes to their rig – they more or less know where each screw lies, and what components they need in order to eke out that extra bit of performance. Well, for gamers who prefer to take the DIY route and build a gaming machine that is good enough to pummel your friends’ benchmark scores into submission, Antec might have a decent solution for you in the form of the Antec Three Hundred Two gaming chassis.

This is considered as the next generation of gaming chassis with high-performance cooling advantages and extensive expandability, all without breaking your bank account in the process and getting the other half upset at spending “frivolously” (that depends on whose point of view it is now, isn’t it?).

The Three Hundred Two enclosure is the latest addition to the Gaming Series family, and in order to keep up to the cool image, this sleek chassis comes in the traditional, no-nonsense black shade, and was specially designed to handle today’s and tomorrow’s high-performance systems without batting an eyelid. While gamers are the main market target, system integrators and casual builders are more than welcome to check out and see just what the Three Hundred Two is able to deliver.

The Three Hundred Two was specially built from ground up for maximum cooling effect, and this is made possible courtesy of its perforated front bezel, in addition to dual TwoCool fans, and four optional fans, not to mention the inclusion of a 120 mm CPU exhaust fan that is located right behind the motherboard, so that gamers are able to play long into the night without worrying of a meltdown, and I am quite sure that the fans themselves will be whisper quiet.

Want to expand your gaming rig to accommodate more hard drives and optical drives? Not a problem, as there are eight expansion slots in the Three Hundred Two, in addition to having enough space for up to three 12.5” (318 mm) graphics cards – making it compatible with even the largest GPUs out there. A removable, washable PSU and front intake air filters and a smart cable management system makes it easy for builders to use their new PC right away. Interested? It costs just $79.95 to bring home the Antec Three Hundred Two.

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