Jeremy Noritz decided one day that he was sick of a boring apartment, and transformed it with a serious steampunk theme.

Ah, steampunk. Is there nothing better than that never-seen bygone era where everything was a mix of the Industrial Revolution with a Victorian look? For example, the front door is taken from a submarine, and it has a porthole that is quite a surprise for pizza delivery guys.

Anything that looks mechanical or gear-shaped has been used for decor, and zeppelins are also featured prominently. For example, there is a color changing zeppelin that floats on the ceiling, and a bedroom designed to look like an exploded zeppelin.

Also in the bedroom is a Murphy bed that is operated by a deactivated bomb that can life and lower the bed. The floor is sepia colored concrete, inspired by the patina of a Rodin sculpture.

The owner is selling this home for about 1.75 million dollars, and I suppose if you liked Pee-Wee’s Playhouse, this would be the steam-powered version of it. This is not meant to be a slam on this creative apartment, as I would not mind living here. However, this looks like a Trading Spaces episode gone completely wrong, and I don’t want to see the reaction of the people who hate this design.


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