I am quite sure that most parents who have kids that have yet to hit puberty would know of the CG movie Cars that also spawned a sequel recently – and one of the main characters is Lightning McQueen, the red sports car that could. The Cars cow is definitely worth milking in terms of merchandise, and this is where the £12.99 Appmates Cars 2 Lightning McQueen comes in. You will need an iPad to get the game going on though, otherwise this iteration of Lightning McQueen is good enough as a piece of desktop decoration.

When you launch the free app on your iPad and place the Lightning McQueen model on the screen, you will be transported to a totally cool game, where moving the little red car all over the iPad’s surface will “drive” him around, where he will then interact with objects, pick up bonus items, and can even race against his opponents. Not only that, genuine sound effects and voices from the Cars movies will add to the realism factor. An early Christmas for Junior, perhaps?

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