The £14.99 Apptoyz AppBlaster is the first interactive gun in the world that is meant for gaming, where your iPod or iPhone will be housed within the viewfinder in order to provide you with a truly unique gaming experience. Of course, each purchase will need to be accompanied by the free app to get you going, transforming just about anywhere you are into a virtual battleground. I would say that you should play this in the comfort of your own home or somewhere private, since you won’t look at your most attractive when you are playing with this particular puppy in public, what with the “pew pew” moments.

The AppBlaster comes with a unique trigger to touch screen technology alongside a double trigger that enables 2 interactions with the game. Being a snap to set up, and no matter how frustrated you get, your iPhone or iPod will remain securely locked in place. Tilt back to reload (something like Virtua Cop at the arcades where you shoot outside of the screen), you can play in 90, 180 or 360 degrees. It is compatible with the iPhone 3GS/4 and iPod touch 4G or newer, and does not require any batteries to play – now how about that?

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