Ever wondered how it will feel like when you walk on water? Of course, you might not be able to live it up as with Peter, but with the Aquaskipper Hydrofoil Human Powered Watercraft, it might give you a semblance of such a feeling. This $495 purchase is not going to be made on a whim and fancy, but at least you can use it constantly without having to worry about ever rising fuel prices – simply because it is human-powered.

Made out of lightweight aircraft aluminum, it weighs a mere 26 pounds when fully assembled. Good thing you don’t need a rocket science degree to get this assembled, and if you’re smart enough to work out your own constructions using LEGO, surely the Aquaskipper Hydrofoil Human Powered Watercraft should not be a problem for you to put together. Capable of flying up to 17mph, you can basically fly across water by hopping up and down.

Just make sure you are not heavier than 250 pounds, and pass the 70 pounds mark if you ever want the Aquaskipper Hydrofoil Human Powered Watercraft to “take off”.

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