Moody Insurance

Business insurance is complex and varies a lot from industry to industry. Even within one field, companies with different numbers of facilities and employees could have widely different needs. That’s why you need to work with experienced professionals who understand the ways business structure and size impact your liability. Agents with experience and their associates can tell when you need executive protection insurance in addition to business property protection and liability coverage.

What Is Insurance To Protect Executives?

Under some corporate structures, executives in key roles assume certain kinds of liability for their participation in the business. That makes protecting them essential to the function of the organization. Without policies that specifically protect key decision-makers and diffuse that risk throughout the company, the pressure and stress associated with making large course corrections at key moments could paralyze the people you need calling your shots. On the other hand, the right protection makes sure that reasonable steps taken to keep the business operating efficiently are protected from the financial consequences of unforeseen side-effects.

Protect Your People Today

It’s impossible to predict in advance when unexpected incidents will pop up, and sometimes those incidents are not even directly caused by the executive policy or decision in question, but the legal structures around liability still put it at your executives’ doorstep. Moody Insurance reminds us that that is why insurance exists, to make sure you don’t have drastic consequences from everyday problems.