Folks living in the UK will definitely know that it can get really, really gloomy on certain days with plenty of rainfall. Well, that means carrying around an umbrella is a must, but what happens when you get gale force winds coming your way as well? Enter the Automatic Wind Beater Umbrella from Firebox, and its name says it all.

For £21.99, the Automatic Wind Beater Umbrella does resemble a standard lightweight folding umbrella when it isn’t being used to shield you from the elements, but when you press the open button, it transforms into a totally different beast altogether.

In fact, that button press turns it into a massive golf-style umbrella, where it will deliver a whopping 123cm of rain-repelling coverage. Since it is so large (and you’re not grossly obese at Guinness World Record levels), why not invite a friend under the umbrella as well? Who knows, it might just spark off a new relationship?

The secret to its wind beating technique? An interesting double canopy that might actually have you wish the weather is worse than it already is so that you can maximize the use of the Automatic Wind Beater Umbrella.

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