This is a concept copter that addresses an issue that I don’t really have. If you or someone that you know likes to go up to the summits of high mountains in order to ski or snowboard down, then this is probably the chopper you want to take to get there.

As it is, if you are into the current version of the extreme sport of heliboarding and heliskiing, then you might find that the helicopter can’t land and you will need to jump out.

The AvA 299 DROP is a heliboarding transport which has a passenger compartment that can drop down on wires, so the skiers and snowboarders can just step right out instead of jumping.

This is one of those concept devices that I just don’t see being built. It isn’t because the technology isn’t possible, but it probably won’t be wanted.

I’m going under the assumption that those who are into heliboarding and heliskiing want to jump out of a helicopter with whirling blades spinning overhead. I mean, if you are willing to pay the money for the ride and are willing to risk injury or even death on a mountain without a ski-lift, then you probably have some thrill issues that would rule out this AvA 299 DROP. Leave a comment if you agree or disagree with me.


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