Summer is a time where kids go out to play, although more and more children these days tend to stay cooped up in the confines of their homes simply because of the latest hit title on the PS3 or Xbox 360. Well, before they are addicted to video game consoles, you might want to do your part in making sure they love the outdoors, by starting with the Backyard Helitotter.

This helicopter-shaped teeter totter is capable of handling up to to four children on lively backyard flights, where having a child on each side jumper seat will result in the up-and-down rocking motion. To achieve a “full flight”, just make sure there are two more children sitting in the dual gauge-equipped cockpit and they will be able to use their imagination in controlling copter’s movement.

With a maximum capacity of 400 lbs., it shouldn’t be a problem to cater for children of all shapes and sizes. Bear in mind that this is no Ikea project, as it takes a good two hours to assemble, assuming you’ve gotten all the instructions right the first time around. Definitely falling under the labor of love category, the Backyard Helitotter will retail for $299.95 if you want one.

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