I must say that Apple’s darn good at marketing, not to mention boasting devices that deliver industrial design par excellence – and in order to make sure that your recent new purchase from the bowels of Cupertino remain in pristine condition for as long as possible, there is the vast world of third party accessories, ranging from the extremely common screen protectors to the quintessential case protector. Well, Ballistic knows that your treasure your shiny iPhone 4 a whole lot, which is why they decided to roll out the Ballistic Lifestyle case.

This particular case is slated to be the latest in rugged protection for Apple’s best selling smartphone to date, where it first tested the waters at CES 2011 to a roar of approval, and I am glad to say that it is finally ready to rock and roll amongst the iPhone 4 toting masses.

The Ballistic Lifestyle looks set to be a trendsetter where durable cases are concerned, where it will merge an ultra-sleek form factor without sacrificing or compromising on what it originally set out to do – which is to deliver maximum protection. Constructed from strong TPU material and silicone Ballistic Corners, you can be sure that dropping this on a concrete floor is not going to break your heart – chances are, you would just shrug it off.

The interchangeable corner bumpers are definitely a unique idea by itself, where it was conjured by the research folks over at Ballistic to have different thickness options for various situations. This means you can always opt to customize the amount of shock absorption, and surely if you’re attending a black tie event where the venue will be fully carpeted, you can always strut in with minimal shock protection since the carpet flooring would definitely help absorb most of the impact upon a drop.

Interested in bringing home the Ballistic Lifestyle? It costs a mere $29.99 in translucent smoke and translucent blue, where each purchase will come with a single set of standard black bumpers and one set of large red bumpers for additional protection.

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