You know those tablets that most folks seem to tote around these days, as though they were the next best thing to own since sliced bread was introduced to the market? Well, Apple’s iPad 2 is by far and large the most popular make that you see around, although Samsung has come pretty close with their Android-powered Galaxy Tab series (especially the Galaxy Tab 10.1), while a slew of other big brand names have also rolled out a tablet of their own – mostly running on the Android platform. Since Apple’s iPad 2 commands the biggest market share, as a third party accessories manufacturer, Ballistic certainly thinks it makes perfect sense to roll out a tablet case specially for the iPad 2.

Known as the Ballistic Tough Jacket, this is an unique and rugged carrying solution, and was specially engineered using high quality materials in its manufacturing process. Comprising a trio of layers that deliver a multi-faceted protective case option that cannot be found anywhere else on the market, you can be sure this is as safe as it can get for your beloved iPad 2 in everyday situations. It is not going to stop a bullet, but at least it can take a fair beating.

The first layer uses inner silicone layer to absorb shock, while the second layer is made out of impact resistant hard plastic that offers additional protection for the iPad 2, and the third (and final layer) relies on shock absorbent polymer which adds yet another avenue of protection for the iPad 2. As for the removable cover of the Tough Jacket, it has a two-fold function – you can either protect your screen whenever you are traveling, or use it as a kickstand at two different angles, ensuring a hands-free viewing if you happen to be using the iPad as a portable media player with a generous screen size.

Not only that, the Ballistic Tough Jacket also comes with patent pending Ballistic corners that ensures that all sides of your iPad 2 remains safe, guaranteeing it’s protected against almost any type of drop. With a “lay-on-table” feature, the iPad 2 screen is guaranteed to never come in contact with surfaces when laid flat, although there is no harm in being even more careful by throwing on a screen protector. You can choose from black or red shades at $69.99 a pop.

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