Some of you might remember when we reported that the classic board game Monopoly was being given this electronic treatment with Monopoly Live. The updated game was the same as the classic game, but with this tower thing in the middle can roll the non-existent dice and keep track of all the money.

Now, another classic board game gets a tower makeover with Battleship Live, which also has a tower to keep track of the players through infrared sensors.

Just like the original rules, the players give their opponent coordinates for the “hit” or “miss”. What is different about this version is that there are spy planes that can fly around this track and “snoop” on the opponent’s ships to confirm an attack. The board also looks very different than the grid that I remember.

My Source did not really like this particular Live version of Battleship, and I can see why. Sometimes technology can get in the way of something that is fun without an electronics. After all, I never wanted to play Electronic Battleship because I was satisfied with just pegs and a board. I didn’t have to see a ship with a red light on it to simulate an explosion. It’s neat, but not necessarily needed.

Anyway, the game is on sale soon for about $50, which may or may not be worth it for you.


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