There are many USB flash drives around, where they all come in different shapes and sizes. Well, for the science fiction fan, here is something that you might want to check out – the $44.99 Battlestar Galactica Flash Drive. Sure, you can say that this a whole lot more expensive than it really is, considering it comes with only 4GB of storage space, and one good thing about this would be its compatibility – it can be used by both humans and Cylons alike, regardless of which side of the fence you lean on.

While the Battlestar Galactica Flash Drive will not be faster than light, but at least it is capable of holding your fair share of memory and files wherever you go, and at a glance, you are able to share your love for your favorite science fiction series with but a single purchase. Do you think it is actually worth more than the actual price, considering how it seems to have been jacked up just for the sake of taking advantage of Battlestar Galactica fans.

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