Beautifully Depressing Ice Bucket Constantly Reminds You Of the Consequences Of Global WarmingKitchen accessories that do double-duty are the best way to maximize the space in your drawers and cabinets. But the only thing this lovely Polar Ice Bucket does—besides keeping your ice dry while it melts—is to remind you of the dwindling polar ice caps and rising sea levels thanks to global warming.

As the ice in the bucket inevitably melts the water drips down into the reservoir below, preventing your drinks from floating around in a pool of icy H2O. But trapped below the bucket is a polar bear on an iceberg, and as the icecubes continue to melt the water levels in the bear’s private habitat rise until it’s completely submerged. So as you’re enjoying a cold one, you’ll still be reminded of the environmental impact and the real cost of enjoying a can of your favorite brew. Get it here for $54, guilt included. [QueenBabyBean via Holycool]

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