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Behold the INgSOC Concept Bike and All Its Fierce Alien GoodnessI can’t be entirely sure, but I think bike design just took a turn for the Gundam. For the Ridley Scott? For…?

I mean, look at those lines! Either Gundam and the Alien took hold of Edward Kim and Benny Cemoli when they came up with the INgSOC concept or there’s some serious Akira fandom going on in that shop.

Practical? Who the fuck cares? This is one knee-shaking, loin-quaking two-wheeler we have on our hands here. It’s a concept, sure, but in theory would be a combination pedal-power/electric hybrid that all but ditches the “diamond frame” design used by bike manufacturers for the past 100 years. That carbon fiber is integrated into the frame is no real surprise, right? Smartphone integration and safety lights are built in. Duh.

Behold the INgSOC Concept Bike and All Its Fierce Alien GoodnessThe bike exists on the computer screen for now, but the two designers are looking into a prototype build, courtesy Steven Mora and the Digital Fabrications Laboratory at the University of New Mexico. [Exquisite Thesis via Inhabitat via Gizmag]

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