Most of you who are pretty involved in the modding scene, especially where consoles are concerned, would definitely have heard of Ben Heck and his legendary exploits. Well, even if you’re a casual reader of this site, you would also have read about his previous work that are certainly head and shoulders above what most other modders are capable of. This time around, Ben Heck will attempt to bring the old and the new together in one single device – merging the 1977 Atari console with an Xbox 360. How about that for retro and modern in a single deivce?

His latest episode (yes, he’s gotten famous enough to warrant his very own show!) will see Ben work on a custom mod for Atari that results in creating an Xbox 360 portable laptop that has the look and feel of a 1970s Atari console, where it is capable of handling all of the latest and greatest games that come out on Microsoft’s console, where among them include Yar’s Revenge and Star Raiders.

In the show, Ben will let interested viewers watch the whole build process right from the very start, where it includes designing the system with Adobe Illustrator, routing each piece of the new casing, re-wiring and connecting the Xbox 360 components while testing everything to make sure it plays nice with the circuit board within. Not only that, the new LCD display and backing panel will also need to go through testing to make sure it will fit in properly with the rest of the electronics.

According to Ben, “I was thrilled when Atari approached me to build this unique gaming system – this is the most ‘Ben Heck’ type project I could possibly build. It was a great experience taking consoles from two completely different eras and combining them, not only from a mechanics standpoint, but incorporating the design features to replicate an old Atari. That’s what art’s all about!”

We don’t think this will hit the market anytime soon though – or ever, as it is a one off thing. Unless, of course, you’re an oil baron and want to throw enough dough at him to come up with another one just for you, gold plated and all.

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