I’ve been wanting to take a bike up a mountain for a while now. Of course, I am out of shape, and probably won’t do those uphill pedals very well.

Fortunately, this Bergmonch (German for “Mountain Monk”) has got my back. In fact, it can fold up and be put on my back like a pack. So if there is a hill that the bike can’t climb, it can just go on the back. I suppose that I could walk it up, but the terrain might not allow that.

Granted, this Bergmonch does create a burden on my back that could be worse than Christian’s from The Pilgrim’s Progress. By the way, the Bergmonch isn’t really a bike, as it is technically a scooter.

Despite the heavy load, it would be very fun to scoot down a mountain after the long hike is over. Devices like these make me want to adopt one of those “Extreme” lifestyles that you see on TV commercials. Since I am not a skater, bungee jumper, or surfer, this set of wheels might be my only option.

Of course, I don’t think I can afford this, as it costs about $2,150. Hopefully, I have some money for a hospital bill should the worst happen.


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