Best Buy Knows What To Do With Your Old New Stuff

Best Buy Knows What To Do With Your Old New Stuff

You know how sometimes an idea is just so great that you are certain it’s too good to be true? Well, I’m dancing on air and I know somewhere deep inside I am waiting to be disappointed. Best Buy has just launched a technology buy-back program where you can hand in your not yet super old tech, for gift cards allowing you to purchase the newest and coolest stuff. For someone like me that always gets the first generation thing-y, this is like proving there is a Santa Claus!

For a limited time, Best Buy is offering many items with buy back protection for free, eventually they will charge for the abilty to trade up, but for now, go crazy with yourself! I can’t tell you how many times I have suffered in silence having jumped too quickly on the wrong phone, or the 1st addition of something that got sooo much better with the 2nd go around.

Let’s not kid ourselves here. Items must be purchased at Best Buy, and your not getting anywhere near all your cash back, if you’re lucky its 50% and thats within 6 months AND if it’s in good shape. That may not seem like a lot, but most of the time, its a number I can justify IF I have gotten some good use out of it and I will get to fondle my new thing without having to hide the old one in a drawer someplace and feel guilty about it.

You bring your item to the store, and they hand you a gift card. Two years on most stuff, up to four years on TVs and your trade ins on mobile phones are based on actual retail value, not contract pricing. It SOUNDS like a great idea. Best Buy will recondition the returned items when possible and resell them in their outlet. Sure Best Buy comes out on top, but I got my new thing… isn’t that all that matters?

If you wait and have to buy 4 year trade up protection, it runs about $99.00 bucks at


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