Here is something modern and yet has a twist of retro for those who love nostalgic moments in their lives – we’re talking about the Blackbird Fly Camera, which is actually a Twin Reflex 35mm Plastic Camera which is available from the good people over at Firebox. Currently available for pre-order, Firebox will let you know in your inbox when it is ready for shipping.

At one glance, you can more or less tell that this is one stylish device which will succeed all the other classic snappers of yore including the Holga and Rolleiflex, where the Blackbird Fly Camera intends to bring classic methods to a new generation of shutterbugs. Of course, this doesn’t mean an elite club of sorts is created, as anyone who is a casual photographer can also drop their money on this puppy to expand their horizons.

Pretty similar to its Rolleiflex predecessors, the Blackbird Fly will feature a couple of objective lenses, where one is used for taking the photograph while the other is meant for a top-down viewfinder. Look into the top of the camera if you want to view your image on a matter focusing screen, right before taking the photograph. You might be interested to know that this does not run on any batteries at all, and without an LCD display to power, that’s just more good news for your pockets. Yup, this is nothing but a piece of old-school innovation in a modern shell.

Each camera will ship with a lens cap, strap, square frame mask and operation manual to get you started right out of the box. What makes the Blackbird Fly Camera different from most of the other Twin Lens Reflex cameras would be the fact that it does not use the hard-to-find 120mm film format, but rather, the much more common 35mm film, making the process of purchasing new rolls and developing your prints a snap.

On the other hand, you will still be able to retain the classic look of photographs by using this format as the Blackbird Fly is able to shoot in three different formats: Normal 35mm (24mm x 36mm), Square (24mm x 24mm), or Large Square (36mm x 36mm). Seems to be going for a song at £69.99, don’t you think so?

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