This is the “Blind Camera”. I realize that this sounds like an oxymoron, until you realize what it does.

This camera doesn’t allow you to take a picture, but it will show you other people’s pictures. How it works is this: you push a button, and the Blind Camera shows you other pictures take at your location.

I don’t know how it can pluck all photos from the Internet and produce a few taken at the user’s exact spot, but I would imagine that a GPS is involved in some way. It doesn’t have any lens, sensor, or optics.

The Blind Camera is not meant to be the next model from Nikon, Canon, or Kodak. It is part of a “Blinks and Buttons” art exhibit by designer Sascha Pohfleep. The vision behind this project is that photos are a memory in of itself, and then making that memory public on sites such as Flickr is now part of the photo-taking process.

Considering that most cameras or smartphones are connected to the Internet, is there any way we could somehow make a Blind Camera App? Actually, Google Googles on Android does something similar as the user can take a picture and have it search for something visual online.


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