Ever experienced moments where you felt as though a pair of eyes were checking you out, only to turn around and not see anything? Well, perhaps someone somewhere has placed the Blinking Eyes right behind your back.

The name of this unique £24.99 purchase is pretty much self-explanatory, as they will blink for an added effect. Coming in a comical form factor that is rather similar to that of what you see in the daily funnies (Garfield eyes, actually), they can be stuck onto your fridge, car, or computer screen.

They will synchronize with one another when turned on, blinking at apparently random intervals in an extremely human manner. Of course, there’s no telling how they would react if you poke them with your fingers ala The Three Stooges. Each purchase will come with a variety of cut-out accessories for added personality, not to mention suction cups and hooks that can be attached to just about any surface.

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