GiiNii, makers of the AudioBulb, had a new product on display at CES with the BluCan.

The BluCan is a Bluetooth speaker that is a little smaller than a can of soda. What you can’t see in this picture is that one twist will cause it to elongate so it is taller. The BluCan can seamlessly pair with Bluetooth enabled devices, in order to play your music off the headphones and on the go. When it is resting on a flat, solid surface, it becomes a 360 speaker capable of good range.

Of course, there are a lot of speakers that can do that. The BluCan has an integrated speaker, so you can actually use it as a phone when it is wirelessly connected. By the way, the Blucan has controls for play, pause, track forward, track backward, as well as answer, volume, and hang-up. So if your phone is charging across the room, you can still have the power of your speaker.

I’m not certain when the BluCan is due out, but it will be sometime this year. I also don’t have a price either. By the way, GiiNii also announced that the AudioBulb will be in a smaller size, in case you wanted to know.

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