You remember when we discussed that car of 2100 that we talked about that was designed by a former BMW writer?

Well, as it turns out, it looks like BMW is imaging some other type of future where the single human is the primary form of transportation.

Apparently, the future is like that of Rollerball, but without the bloodsport. Everyone is all rollerblading, but their boots have these ball-bearing soles that are hopefully retractable.

See that space helmet in front of the user’s eyes? Apparently, it is some sort of semi transparent wraparound display that will display real-time directions and traffic information.

Of course, I would imagine that there would be a lot accidents on the real-time directions, because this mode of transportation looks pretty dang dangerous! Seriously, do you see a future where everyone is skating around like the last scene of Gleaming the Cube? Seriously, do you? Because I’ve never seen Gleaming the Cube, but I would imagine that’s how it ended.

What’s funny is that this isn’t the only one of these future transports. I think one of them is these four-wheeled jobs that look a little safer, but resemble soap box racers.

Well, at least these ball bearing shows don’t require any gas, however, they will need some grease.


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