BMW really isn’t about cars, but about culture. In fact, this is why they are putting out this new book with that title.

This book won’t be for sale in bookstores, and will only have 1488 copies. Each one is signed by the author, Stefan Sagmeister. You can watch a video after the jump of them taking out the product from the box, and having him sign it. I’ll bet Stefan is wanting one of those Equipois x-Ar arms that we just talked about.

Yes, these books will only be given to “select customers”. You apparently cannot buy or sell this, according to the video. If this isn’t elitist, then I don’t know what is.

Did I mention that each book doubles as an RC car? You would think that this would be the first thing that is on the video, but instead, it is tacked on the end, as if putting a book in remote control car form is an afterthought. Sort of like how most movies these days are in 3D, but never really intended to be that way.

Well, I would love to know what exactly is in this BMW Culture book. I would also like to give the RC car (or brick) a spin. Too bad I don’t have any plans to buy a Beamer in the future.


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