I’m always looking for new ways for my daughter to learn how to be a good citizen. I want her to have the gift of knowing how good it feels to be kind to others. It’s not always easy coming up with ways to show her, we’re always so busy. I tell myself thats not an excuse, but the truth is if you really want to do something, you make the time.

Enter, Boom Boom! Cards, a beautifully designed deck of 26 cards that challenge you to carry out different “acts of kindness”. Sometimes these random acts can be as simple as holding the door for everyone you meet during the course of your day, or something more tangible, like buying a stranger a cup of coffee. But it doesnt stop there, you log your good deeds online with any associated stories, photos and video, and then give the card away to someone else, in the hopes that it be carried out again.

When you register your deck online, you can even choose a charity for which to play, and Boom Boom!Cards will donate up to 10% of it’s profits to charity. The Boom Boom! Cards folks tell us that means that now, you can be nice twice. Cant beat that, can you?

So register your card, carry out your act of kindness, go to the website and tell your story, give your card to someone who will keep it going and follow its journey online. A fun and easy way to change the world one card at a time.

Original, Family and Teen editions available through www.uncommongoods.com for less than $15.00 bucks. Wouldn’t it be nice if thats all it cost to change the world?

Source: www.boomboomcards.com

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