Now, you more or less know that your iPhone is one interesting device that has plenty of apps to go around, but if there is one drawback of Cupertino’s finest smartphone to date, it would be the lack of battery life. Heck, most modern day smartphones tend to suffer from this apparent issue, where a fully charged smartphone leaves the home in the morning, and more or less ends up depleted before the day is over. Having said that, what are some of the alternative recourse that you can take? Enter the £59.99 Boostcase, where the name more or less gives the game away.

This is not some sort of portable wind up generator or a solar powered battery pack, but rather, will slide onto the battery sleeve to deliver a full charge to your device’s depleted battery. Touted to be an impressive hybrid system on its own, it will merge gorgeous design and clever technology into a solution which can be said to be so simple, it is amazing that not many other parties have decided to do something like it, although the mophie powercases do cater to a similar idea. Good thing the Boostcase does not add considerable bulk to your otherwise pretty looking iPhone! There are plenty of colors to choose from to suit every whim and fancy.

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