I know the trend is to market stuff for dogs that people usually buy because they humanize their pets, (I know I do) even dog foods have gotten a whole lot more appetizing looking, even though King probably doesn’t care one bit. Gravy and whole grains, peas and carrots, or turkey in aspic? Most dogs would be happy to eat roadkill… but now they can have that tasty roadkill with a beer.

Check out Bowser Beer, obviously marketed to people, but made for your canine and actually good for them, Bowser Beer is a healthful meaty beverage that can give your furry friend a shiny coat, supple joints and more vibrant health. So go ahead, indulge your “party animal.”

Bowser Beer’s Beefy Brown Ale and Cock-a-Doodle Brew contain a delicious broth made with Water, USDA beef or chicken, Malt extract, Glucosamine HCL, Citric Acid, Benzoate and Potassium Sorbate, it has no flavorings, artificial color, fat, salt, or MSG. In addition, malt barley is actually good for shiny coats and the glucosamine aids in healthy joint function.

These special Doggie beverages come in a familiar 6 pack and is available in beef, chicken or 3 of each flavor in tamper proof, non breakable bottles with useful resealable caps. So bring them to your next BYOB, on a hiking trip or just sprinkle some over your buddies kibble for an extra treat. 6 packs are 20 bucks and they can even be personalized with custom labels for an extra $10 at bowserbeer.com. 20 bucks? Would you spend this much moola on a dog treat? Let me know, I promise I won’t tell Fido…

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