Most devices these days have a USB port, and it goes without saying that this also means a USB charger is in order to keep said device juiced up at all times. Of course, finding a USB port wherever you are is definitely harder than looking for the ordinary, standard issue power outlet – after all, it isn’t as though all power outlets have a dedicated USB port crammed in at the moment, although we do wish it were otherwise.

Bracketron has every intention to make sure that no matter where you go, especially if you’re a heavy road user, will be able to keep your USB-powered devices juiced up before you arrive at your destination, and it does so in style with the Dual USB Charger. As with many other heavy duty electronic devices in your vehicle that need power, the 12V cigarette lighter port is taken advantage of. Sure, you lose your car’s lighter in the process, but that’s a small price to pay to make sure your phone’s all juiced up for that important meeting in an hour’s time. Wanna smoke? Carry a Zippo lighter with you then.

The Dual USB Charger from Bracketron says it all – it has two USB ports, which means it can charge up two USB devices simultaneously in just about any vehicle. At $24.95 a pop, this isn’t to say it is terribly expensive that it is placed out of reach of the ordinary man on the street. The Dual USB Charger will sport high and low-current USB outputs, making it ideal to power your tablet as well as mobile device at once.

It will play nice with the iPad, iPhone, iPod, portable media players, satellite radios, GPS units, and smartphones amongst others. There is also a built-in LED light feature that lets you know whether power is coursing through its wires, delivered right to your devices’ batteries. Since it sports a low profile, it ought to be able to fit into just about any 12V port without a problem.

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