A stylus that has a ballpoint pen built right inside? Sounds as though this is the perfect device for you to get your John Hancock on, regardless of whether it is on a digital tablet or you need to sign on actual paper using ink. This is what Bracketron delivers with the Style-iT stylus, where it delivers added control on your touchscreen device while making sure that no smudges appear on your device’s display – meaning the hanky you have in your pocket? That can better be used to wipe your mouth after meals instead of making sure your display remains pristine at all times.

As for the integrated ballpoint pen, it makes for a convenient and quick note taking companion – after all, with a clip attached to the Style-iT, it will be a snap to stash away in your pocket, briefcase, notepad, or basically anywhere else where you can clip the Style-iT onto it. Depending on your preference, the Style-iT will come in black, white and similar stylish colors as the Apple Smart Cover – that also comprises of orange, green, pink and blue. Not exactly a complete rainbow, but at least it is a start and won’t look out of place when paired with your iPad 2.

Just what will you use the Stlye-iT for? It is perfect for sketching, drawing and photography apps, including writing, tapping, dragging and basically other kinds of activity that requires a high level of accuracy compared to your fingertip. As the stylus boasts of an omni-directional soft tip that will be able to adapt to virtually all kinds of writing style – never mind if you’re right handed or a southpaw.

The Bracketron Style-iT will be able to work on basically all touchscreen devices, making sure they remain free of fingerprints and smudges, also allow you to navigate your device through in a quick and easy manner. I suppose when the ink inside the pen runs out, this would remain as a stylus. Bracketron will roll out the Style-iT for $24.95 a pop from mid-September onwards.

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