What happens when your brain gets all stressed up at work? Well, most of you who work behind a cubicle these days know just how tough it can be in a corporate environment, where there are datelines to meet (often within impossible time frames), while the boss can be quite unforgiving as well. Well, what are some of the ways for you to release all of that pent up stress?

Among what some of you could do would be to basically be an ass around the rest of your colleagues, adopting the “kick the dog when I get home” syndrome just to let the whole world know what a lousy day you had at the office. Of course, you can always take the more peaceful route such as the $5.99 Brain Stress Ball, where you can imagine yourself in the position of Captain Blackbeard in the latest PotC installment, with your immediate superior’s brain in hand.

What makes this extra special is you can always hurl it right across the room, where it will splat into a wall, crawling down to the floor slowly after that. Disgusting, but we love it!

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