There is nothing I hate more than flies. Somehow, above all other insects, some of which I know are much more disgusting, the fly just seems to scream filth and disease. Did you know most flies vomit on whatever it wants to eat, in order to suck up the nutrients in liquid form? Anytime a fly lands on my food, I picture that, and I’m done, doesn’t matter how good dinner was, in the garbage it goes. As you can imagine, I’m not a huge fan of the summer ritual known as, the picnic.

Well, forget your fly smashing swatter and check out the BUG-A-SALT, a specialized weapon that utilizes ordinary table salt in order for you to mount your fly attack. With no cords or batteries, the BUG-A-SALT salt gun has deadly accuracy up to 3 feet, and it leaves the insects intact allowing for easy clean up. Come on, you know theres a bit of a killer in you, and bug hunting is legal, with no license required.

You simply lift the loader cap and pour in ordinary granulated table salt, which, when filled, will yield approximately 50 shots, you cock the weapon by sliding the handle towards you and pushing away the barrel of the gun, this action will activate the auto safety and the pop up sight, and ready you to claim your prey, simply release the safety…and launch your attack!

Effective against roaches, wasps and even mosquito’s the BUG-A-SALT shoots only a pinch of salt and the manufacturer suggests firing your weapon at some tin foil in order to check spray patterns and pinpoint your aim. The BUG-A-SALT is now ready for pre-order for 30 bucks from As with any weapon, be careful of others eyes and faces, and don’t harm butterflies or protected insects. Flies however, are fair game.


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