As American drivers we spend an extraordinary amount of time on our roads and highways. The average driver must spend almost an hour on their daily commute alone, so its no surprise that someone has developed a social website that allows you to talk to your fellow drivers.

Enter the world of, where your dreams of being able to tell the driver next to you what a moron they are, or conversely, how cute they are, or how hot their ride is, in a fun, safe and comfortable manner right from your phone.

Imagine finally being able to tell the guy next to you that their tire is flat, or the back end of their car is on fire. Maybe you need to remind someone of the rules of good manners, or let them know that their parking skills are simply not up to snuff. has got you covered.

So the next time you’re around your car, take a picture of your plate and send it to and the company will take care of the rest, you can visit the site and leave or check messages directly from your smartfone, but remember, texting and driving is a no-no!  See you on the road.


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