Some of us have homes that require a security system with precision video cameras, laser-tripped alarms, and other such high-priced precautions.

Some of us would like to protect our valuables on a lower budget, which is why simpler systems have been invented. For example, there are alarms that do nothing but make a loud sound, but assume that someone else is going to call the police. If you really are worried about burglars, and don’t want to spend that much, you could buy a numeric keyboard with a few flashing LED lights. That’s about enough to make a burglar hesitate.

The Burglar Blaster is one of those medium priced alarm systems, and looks quite effective at stopping theft. When a potential thief trips this alarm, he or she will get a spray of pepper spray in the face. In fact, the 4 ounce container in this gray box is apparently good for 2,000 square feet of spray.

My Source was quick to point out a problem with this alarm system. The idea of having to clean up 2,000 square feet of pepper spray does not appeal to me either. What you better be protecting had better be in some empty room where smell doesn’t matter. Also, a burglar might be blinded by the pepper spray, but I an imagine that he or she could do a lot of damage by stumbling.

If you want to give this system a try, it costs about $600.


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