You know the theme these days – everyone wants to go green. I reviewed the organic Sprout watch in the past, where the only gripe was not having a built-in rechargeable battery, and with the Cadence 4-bit Binary Ecomatic watch, the tables are turned – the watch itself is not organic (although the built quality is far superior), but you virtually do not need to replace the battery as long as the watch works. This is due to the Ecomatic movement that can store enough energy for up to 36 hours without any movement, keeping time as it is. Of course, if you happen to wear the watch for a few hours each day, I am quite sure the amount of kinetic energy generated by your movement would be more than enough to keep the Cadence 4-bit Binary Ecomatic watch moving indefinitely.

As mentioned earlier, the build quality is definitely something to take note – then again, if you are paying somewhere in the region of $215, then do expect it to be able to withstand a fair number of knocks and drops. So far, I have worn the watch for a month and despite normal wear and tear (including playing tug with my two dogs, knocking it against the wall by accident, the usual scratch situations), I must say that the face of this timepiece remained scratch free, which is impressive considering how my other watches (cheaper ones, of course) have come off for the worse within a similar time frame.

Relying on Miyota quartz movement (Miyota being part of Citizen Holdings, a company that has a rich history that dates back to the previous century), the Cadence 4-bit Binary Ecomatic watch will tell the time in – what else, but 4-bit binary markings. Of course, you need not be a mathematical whiz to be able to figure it out since it comes in an analog face, making it easy enough to tell the time at a glance.

As for its two part cotton strap which comes with a stainless steel buckle, you can be sure that this is sturdy enough to last you for several years – so far I have yet to see any fraying on its part, and with the timepiece being water resistant to 5ATM (50 meters), going swimming or on a whitewater rafting adventure with this is definitely not going to be an issue at all. Cadence has offered a two year limited warranty on movement and hands, so you have more or less all your bases covered right from the get go.

I like the minimal packaging that the Cadence 4-bit Binary Ecomatic watch comes in to keep up with the overall green theme, and being a unisex timepiece, you can be sure it looks stylish on anyone’s wrist. Just make sure you take note of the date at the turn of each month, as there is no perpetual date adjusting mechanism here unlike a far more obscenely priced Rolex, so taking just a few seconds each month to make sure your watch’s date is on the right page with the calendar is not too much of a hassle.

Definitely a watch that is worth wearing for everyday use – trust me, this is an investment that you will not regret.

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