It’s not unusual for a car company to have a thing or two on display at CES, and Cadillac showed off its new technical system for its automobiles, the CUE.

The CUE (Cadillac User Experience) uses two screens to convey information to the driver. The first that you see in the photo is located between the passenger and driver’s seats, and it is a full touchscreen made to resemble the homescreen of an iPad. I got a chance to try it out for myself, and I found that the audio allows for over 64 station presets, and you can even have a music artist or album as one of these presets.

Another feature is the driver display, which is where the normal static indicators of a regular car are seen. The CUE makes the driver’s display fully customizable, so if the driver wants to see nothing but the Speedometer and the fuel indicator, that can happen. The driver can even put the navigation right in front of them, all with a touch of a button of the steering wheel’s controls. In case you are wondering, there are some things the driver cannot do while the car is in motion, and I would imagine that is to prevent distracted driving.

The only thing that Cadillac couldn’t demonstrate for me was the voice controls. This was because the display was in a room at CES Showstoppers, not in an actual Cadillac. However, Cadillac intends to have three cars out this year with this CUE system in place. Perhaps you can drive it for yourself.

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