Hammacher Schlemmer has had a long, 163-year history that delivers nothing but what they deem to be the best for home consumers, giving you devices and items that are supposed to make life at home more comfortable and convenient. Of course, in the face of ever changing technology, it makes perfect sense for them to deliver up-to-date gizmos and gadgets, and the Camcorder Projector is definitely one of them.

The Camcorder Projector is actually a high-definition camcorder which is capable of instantly projecting video or still pictures onto any flat surface as its name suggests. This will, of course, depend on whether the surroundings are dark enough, and whether you have a light colored wall (white is best to maintain the color shown of course). As to whether it will support full High Definition or not, you will need to read on in the extended post.

For something so small, it doesn’t do full HD video recording which can be a downside for some, since several other more notable manufacturers like Sony and Toshiba have long rolled out full HD camcorders that are pretty small in their own right. Still, the Camcorder Projector does a respectable 720p HD video capture while shooting 8-megapixel still photographs.

As for its projecting capabilities, it will throw a 5″ to 65″ image for an instant sharing moment, and depending on the display “size” so to speak, it can be an intimate gathering or a large one. This will do away with the inconvenience of huddling around a typical camcorder’s small viewfinder, or waiting until you have uploaded all the photos onto a PC and projected onto a TV or wall after that.

As for hardware specifications, the Camcorder Projector sports a 5-megapixel sensor, automatic focus, and 5X digital zoom. The integrated projector will feature a 12- to 14-lumen lamp that shows off video and pictures at 640 x 480 resolution, so to view your videos in HD, you will need to connect it to a higher resolution display. Nice to know a microSDHC memory card slot is included for up to five hours of video.

Hammacher is selling the Camcorder Projector for $299.95, making it a decent pico projector alternative.

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