For professional photographers, there is no better feeling than unboxing a spanking new lens to go along with the powerful camera body that you own. Well, for those who are pinching themselves for nabbing a deal on eBay for the Canon EOS 7D with EF 70-200mm lens at a low, low price of $36, you might want to be a bit more wary when the package arrives at your doorstep. Why so, you ask? Well, it could be because the seller has duped you by sending you a piggy bank instead.

Yes sir, there might just be unscrupulous eBay sellers out there who are willing to ruin their reputation for a quick buck (or rather, 36), fooling folks into thinking that the entire camera with a new lens is going for an insanely low price. Well, on the bright side, you end up with a piggy bank that reminds you there is no short cut to getting a good deal. Thieves who are spying on your expensive camera gear might just get duped into thinking this is the real deal though, but that’s going to be extremely rare.


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