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Don’t Skip Management Liability Coverage

Don’t Skip Management Liability Coverage No matter what kind of industry you work in, liability risks are a major component. Non-profit organizations, private organizations and public companies alike have to deal with liability risks time after time. This puts a strain on management that Axis Management Liability coverage can help. Here is what you should

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The Many Components of D&O Coverage

Businesses of any size can acquire D&O insurance, but there are considerations that an insurance company must make before providing them with coverage. Smaller businesses, for example, are considered lower risks, and this makes their insurance premiums quite low. Larger businesses, though, are thought to be high risks, and as a result, their premiums are

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Do You Qualify for Directors and Officers Insurance?

Directors and officers for public companies have a lot of responsibility and exposure. With all of that responsibility, there are opportunities for errors to arise and lawsuit claims to form. Lawsuits arise for a variety of reasons, both founded and unfounded. For large public companies, it is important for the directors and officers to have

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