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Extending Your Company`s Coverage on a Personal Claim

Extending Your Company`s Coverage on a Personal Claim Facing a lawsuit is a damaging circumstance for any company, but as an individual facing a lawsuit, the results can be devastating to career potential and financial stability. There are many professions where employer insurance coverage isn’t enough to protect you from a client’s or consumer’s claim

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An Introduction to Professional Liability Insurance

Since it may go by a few different names in various circumstances, many people wonder: “what is professional liability insurance?” Basically professional liability insurance is the same type of coverage as malpractice insurance for a medical professional or a lawyer. Also known as errors and omissions (E&O) coverage, professional liability insurance can cover the costs

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Three Common Accounting Mistakes That Could Harm Your Business

If you’re an accountant, you likely know that minor mistakes can have significant effects on your client’s finances. Without an accountant professional liability insurance policy, even the minutest errors, such as treating sales as revenue, could cause your operations serious harm.   Prematurely Treating Sales as Revenue   When your business makes a sale, don’t

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