You know that saying, “If it’s too loud you’re too old!” Well, hopefully you won’t find the £179.99 Center Stage PA System too loud for your tastes, or you could always hand it down over to your teenage son who would love to rock his room to a pair of these, being oblivious to all that is around him (as well as irritating your neighbors to no end).

The full on PA here is definitely taking a different route from all those compact docks and tiny portable speakers, so you can more or less be sure that it boasts a bite that is as powerful as its bark.

This is no less a complete sound system, where the Center Stage PA System comprises of a couple of full-range 50W speakers, a sturdy stand, built-in mixer and microphone. Heck, there is also a cradle for your iPod just in case you want to enjoy your tunes from that super famous portable media player. With a bunch of input and output options, this relatively compact offering is no slouch when it comes to sonic performance.

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