Are you one of those who toss and turn all night long, simply because you cannot find that perfect position to go to sleep and catch some much needed forty winks? Well, how about getting some external help in the form of gadgets – the ChiliPad is one of them, where this mattress pad will not only cool, but it is also able to heat your bed. Being one of the better dual climate bed warmers to date, this also doubles up as a fantastic cooling mattress pad.

Not only that, the ChiliPad will sport separate controls on each side, allowing you to set your sleep temperature anywhere between 46 degrees and 118 degrees – and your bedmate is able to do so for his/her side without running into any silly arguments after a long hard day at the office. Choose from Queen or King size – makes no sense if you want a single-size version, right? The ChiliPad can be yours for $599.99.

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