Chip Mills Insurance And Safety

Chip Mills Insurance

Chip Mills Insurance And Safety

Chip Mills InsuranceChip mills are an important part of the forest products industry, converting lumber and wood scraps into small chips. Tough mechanical equipment, flying wood pieces, and rapid speeds are an integral part of these operations, but can also expose the mill to variety of different risks. Specialized chip mills insurance can help protect these plants, the companies that own them, and the people that work there.


Property Insurance


There are many different types of coverage that you can get. Property damage or business interruption insurance can help protect the business from financial damage if an accident occurs. Inland marine or transit coverage helps protect shipping of materials to and from the facility. Crime coverage protect you from theft or vandalism.


Personnel Insurance


Workers compensation and employers liability are also important forms of insurance to have. They help protect employees in case of injury, helping to pay their medical bills and get them back on their feet. Not only does this improve morale, it also protects the company from lawsuits.


Risk Management


Risk management is another important service of insurance companies and brokers. As well as helping to avoid accidents and disasters, it helps to keep insurance premiums low. Safety tips, housekeeping programs, accident investigations, and improved training all help to keep risk at a minimum.


The forestry products industry can be dangerous, but it doesn’t have to be. Owners and workers at chipping plants can feel secure with good chip mills insurance.