If you are an employer who offers heath benefits to your employees, you might want to consider making a life insurance plan available for purchase. This is an attractive benefit that workers often look for when seeking employment. Your employees will appreciate the opportunity to purchase life insurance protection, and may prefer to seek employment elsewhere if a life insurance policy is not available.

Group Benefits

A group life insurance plan is not just an employee favorite, but is one of the most affordable types of insurance available today. Most group insurance plans of this nature are focused on term life insurance, which means insurance that covers a specific time period (such as 15 or 20 years). You can obtain fantastic rates for your employees—in fact, they may end up only spending a few dollars a month on a significant policy.

Because group rates apply, the cost stays low but the benefits are of significant value, and they don’t just include financial coverage. Those who hold a life insurance policy often feel that the peace of mind that comes with policy ownership is a benefit in and of itself. Knowing that family will be protected in times of crisis or loss is often just as important as the actual financial benefits.