Chunky Concrete Sketch Pencil Is a Weighty Way To WriteYour sketches and notes will carry a lot more weight if they’re created with this squat mechanical pencil that’s made from actual hand-poured concrete. You’ll just want to make sure you’re not the type who likes chewing on the end.

The pencil has an equally thick 5.5mm 2B lead making it slightly more better suited for sketching and drawing than taking notes, but there’s nothing stopping you from using it however you like. Whether that’s jotting reminders on a post-it note, marking term papers, or smashing windows—it’s useful on so many levels.

You’ll need to be a little careful with it, after all, it’s made from concrete, not titanium. An unfortunate drop could result in $50 worth of shattered concrete pieces all over your floor, and you having to resort back to using an uncouth wooden writing instrument. [22 Design Studio via designboom]

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