Cobra Electronics has just announced that May 1st is a date you should mark on your calendar if you want to maximize your budget – after all, the Cobra PhoneLynx that they will offer then will be an innovative Bluetooth-enabled device which allows one to eliminate the expense of a landline service plan – all the while ensuring the convenience and comfort of using an existing home phone or small office handsets is experienced.

The Cobra PhoneLynx for Android is currently on parade at the CTIA Wireless event in Florida so that you can always take a gander at it if you’re on your way to the venue. Just what does the Cobra PhoneLynx offer for the masses? We’ll find out in the extended post.

I’m sure that most of you would have already gotten rid of your landline because a cell phone service just makes more sense, and this trend does not seem to stop but rather, accelerate in the coming years. There is also the case of many people not doing anything about the leftover home phone handsets after disconnecting their landlines, leaving them to gather dust.

Well, the Cobra PhoneLynx offers a second chance at life for that disenchanted bunch of devices – you need not hook them up to a traditional telephone wall jack, but when plugged into the Cobra PhoneLynx, it will then originate and receive calls through the your cell phone service plan. Isn’t that a smart move?

Cobra PhoneLynx for Android will ship with a complementary new Android App which will enhance the PhoneLynx user experience for Android smartphone users by a margin, boasting powerful feature integration between home phone systems and Android devices. Among the features include Voice Dial support, Message Waiting, Speed Dial, Auto Hands-free, Voicemail and an Alarm Clock.

Cobra PhoneLynx for Android will be out on the first day of May this year, retailing for $59.99 if you’re interested. Could we see a rise in the price of second hand home phone handsets?

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