Commercial Auto Rating

Commercial Auto RatingInsurance providers are no longer forced to offer their clients inaccurate or irrelevant rates based on non-specific information. By using a system that is flexible and adapts to the specific information that you provide, you can offer your clients a commercial auto rating score that is both relevant and competitive. Neither you nor your client should have to settle for anything less.

The characteristics of an advanced rating system

When looking for a rating system there are a few key characteristics that you should keep in mind. Anything less will lack the power to accommodate changing market demands and an ever-increasing pool of clients. Select a rating system with:

  • Support of all the major ISO and carrier-custom commercial lines including general liability and commercial auto rating
  • Your choice of implementation; the system you choose should offer black box implementation, complex browser-based point of sales systems, and the ability to work alongside input screens designed by a third party
  • Complex policy ratings; modern insurance policies have to accommodate multi-state, multi-line, and multi-location demands
  • Customized rating solutions; connect your customers with the information they are looking for without delay

Flexible options help you meet your customers’ needs

A rating system that meets your needs is better able to meet your customers’ needs, too. Whether you are a program administrator, MGA, or insurance carrier, you deserve to have a rating system that reflects the world you are part of.